Thursday, September 12, 2013


First Time Buyers Find Value and Security

Times are tough and home buyers, like all consumers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of buying and furnishing a home. Can anyone blame them? In this market buyers need to be assured that when they are spending their hard-earned dollars it makes sense to them.

This is why we believe that NOW more than ever, renters and all first time buyers in Southeastern Pennsylvania  will have peace of mind knowing their dollars can go even further.

There are many reasons to retain the services of Jean and John burns. Our experience in Real Estate sales goes back to 1988, over the last two decades we have experienced many of the markets UP's and DOWN's. As a client this will be an invaluable resource. As an added PLUS our clients will have the peace of mind knowing that our negotiating skills have been honed over these years in many different types of markets. JB REALTY SERVICE is a full service Real Estate firm.

 Our experience in working at the larger national firms taught us we could provide a more personal and detailed relationship and maintain a full service office.

There are many reasons to commit to a relationship with a Realtor or Real Estate firm. I would strongly submit that by accident is not the right reason. I believe that most Real Estate horror stories are the result of the consumer feeling obligated to a Realtor because they spent some time answering minor Questions or possibly showing them a property. The consumer would be well advised to understand the Real Estate documents they are being asked to sign and seek the advise of an attorney if necessary as the documents can be confusing. Jean and John are committed to providing the personal small town service we all deserve along with the skills and abilities of any of the larger firms.

Our business thrives on referrals. We hope our unique and forthright approach to Real Estate will not only help You with your home purchase, but potentially a Friend, co-worker or family member also.

Contact us now to start your customized home search and register for your FREE mortgage pre-approval. You can call 215-721-6300 or see our website also you may e-mail There is much to learn, we are Real Estate and financing experts that an educated client will make the right choice in a home purchase.