Friday, November 28, 2008

In Pennsylvania Realtors work for the Seller

Most people interested in purchasing a home start by searching for the property. The internet seems to be a favorite start point as well as newspapers and Real Estate books. See our website at Another buyer choice is "open houses" and "new construction sites". A great percentage of consumers are not aware that the person holding the "open house ", new construction or not, is the agent for the Seller. Consumers need to be aware that any information they share with these agents can, and in most cases should be shared with the Seller. When the consumer is at the "open house" and/or construction site they will usually be presented with a discloser form titled "Consumer Notice". This form should be read carefully and taken seriously. The form will state that it is not a contract. This can lull the consumer into not paying ample attention. This form spells out the consumer's right to be represented by a Realtor that will have the Buyer's best interest as a proirity.
The next step would be to interview several Realtors to consider for a buyers agent. Choose wisely. Buyers Agency is best accomplished with the consumer entering into a contract with a Realtor of their choice acting as a "Buyer's Agent". In almost all cases the listing Agency shares their commission with the Agency representing the Buyer. Therefore the buyer does NOT pay a commission to the Buyer's Agent. Consumers that consider the home buying experience as a shopping trip and do not follow a procedure that respects the home purchase as a serious financial commitment can be at great risk. Most Real Estate horror stories begin here.
At JB Realty Service we have been praticing Buyer agency since before it was populer and understand the contracts fine points, using all choices to the Buyers favor. contact us at or call us at 215-721-6300