Monday, February 18, 2008


AH YES, THE INTERNET..what a wonderful tool. Remember, it's just that, a tool. Just like building a house requires more than a couple of tools, so does finding a house. Internet sites have to speak to many people at one time so they can not get very specific. Most information is offered in limited supplies to the public for various reasons. It needs to be presented in the context of your particular situation. An example would be the appraisal. This is a difficult and important part of a real estate transaction in order to acquire a value of the property for financing the loan and yet there are Internet sites that offer the public "values" just by entering an address. You may be able to get an approximate value by looking at the recent sales, this would work well in a town house development with dozens of houses. However, this approach would not work for a custom home with a water front view, new kitchen, and wet bar. Can you see what I mean? At JB REALTY SERVICE our broker is a licensed broker/appraiser. This has proven to be very valuable to our clients. For more information on anything else real estate visit You may contact me at: or call 215-721-6300.